Make your as long as it has to be – not a word longer – just like your articles and sales copy. The goal of a long-form testimonial is to pack in as much value and proof as possible, not to bore your reader to death. To make it the best testimonial ever make your testimonials only as long as they have to be – not a word longer – just like your articles and sales copy. An example of a testimonial letter is a long-form sales copy that causes our brains to believe that if there is so much to say about a product or service, it must have a lot of value. People respond physiologically to stories that include a problem, challenge, or distress, and the result is empathy.

  • Testimonials aren’t the sort of thing you should ever be faking.
  • What started as the "Discount Double Check" ads have snowballed into an eight-year ad campaign that is still going strong today.
  • The testimonial shares how your work was more than just labor; it solved the problem and created a result.
  • Welcome to our community of 19+ million annual readers, we are so grateful to have you here with us.
  • Success stories are a stroll through the potential buyer’s journey with your product and how it made a specific change in their lives.

As a result, we get to read hilarious from the brand’s customer base. This testimonial is highly effective because of the product carousel at the bottom. After reading a success story, the users feel like they can become like the ambassador once they purchase the gear he used. This testimonial works specifically because of the customer’s reservations. Jeanine doesn’t hesitate to share that she doubted Briogeo’s products would deliver results. In the same way, try to get your customers to tell you whether they doubted your company and how you exceeded their expectations. Other prospects might have similar reservations about doing business with you, but a testimonial like the one above will reduce those reservations.

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Henneke doesn’t only teach you how to write a sales page, you learn so much more. For example, the psychology behind why your customer buys your product and methods of how to guide them hycm broker review if they’re hesitating. The reason this testimonial template works so well is that people don’t buy a product. And this type of testimonial demonstrates how someone’s life was improved.

Data shows that if you ask for a testimonial, most of the time customers are happy to oblige. In fact, a survey by Brightlocal showed that 68% of consumer respondents will leave a review for a business when asked. Here the blog post testimonial can go into much more depth about the different plans and features of GetResponse.

Interview testimonials

You can add an entire page filled with video so that people can gain trust in your services or products. Let other people promote your brand for you and speak about the wonders that your service or product has done for them. Collect testimonials from some of your most valued clients and let them show your target audience through their words just how much impact you have had on their lives.

Placing customer testimonials side-by-side product pages helps put them in context, while portraying the products in a favorable light. This is particularly effective if the testimonial mentions any one product specifically. The featured images of soothing nature scenes depict neither Dara’s customers nor her services, yet they’re highly effective. Thanks to the visuals and soothing website color scheme, users immediately de-stress and feel a sense of relaxation, which is precisely what Dara’s counseling service aims to achieve.

Show your product in action

You can write about a customer’s story in-depth and break down subtle details within the customer’s journey. It’s similar to the idea of case studies, but this format allows the company to tell the customer’s story from their own perspective. Most customer would benefit from the inclusion of quotes. However, in the case of a tattoo studio, words don’t mean much without images to prove it. The featured customers appear happy with their new ink, and the number of likes each Instagram photo receives further communicates customers’ praise and approval. In this way, the testimonials page helps Anne build her personal brand.

CodeAcademy is an excellent example of a company using interviews to get the full story from their students. The main page shows a video of a student being interviewed, then each thumbnail takes you to a longer, written interview about why and how that student got into coding. A great interview testimonial example will draw the reader/listener/watcher into the conversation and story. It will detail how the client came across your service, what problem you solved for them, and what happened when they bought from you . When you think of, you’re probably picturing the traditional quote type of testimonial. Don’t waste your time trying to mimic an authentic customer review; your readers will be able to see through this. If you can’t get an actual testimonial, drop the names of your high-profile clients.

Each of these qualities is essential for inspiring readers and, when done properly, can help you motivate clients to take the desired action. Check Google Analytics or Wix Analytics for data on your most visited website pages. Placing on these pages will guarantee that users will see them, which, in turn, might persuade them to convert into customers. The testimonial box also grabs the user’s attention with its illustrated vector art.

Video Testimonial Example #2: Explainify

That’s why testimonials pages get less traffic than other pages. Putting your social proof here hides it from your visitors. Pictures of faces are super powerful in marketing and a key tactic in neuromarketing web design. Basecamp once ran an A/B test that found including the face of a happy customer increase conversion rates by 102.5%. In this way, testimonials are an important form of social proof.

Expert Tips for Responding to Customer Reviews [+ Examples]

If you’re serious about getting more customer Forex brokers, you should add social proof notifications to your website. These small, unobtrusive messages show your website traffic and how others interact with your brand. Every day, happy customers post hundreds of testimonials on social media without even being asked (or realizing that’s what they’re doing). These short stories are incredibly powerful, credible, and effective.

Including stats and figures absolutely takes more work, and a consciousness throughout a project and campaign in order to track and obtain the figures. It may entail asking for screenshots, or asking other colleagues to share data. But it’s very much worth it if you/your company want to sell services based on facts as well as feelings. Good content marketing professionals will use a selection of quotes, videos, blogs, and case study testimonials to build up a story of success.

Adding their company name and what they do gives a testimonial additional credibility. Grove Collaborative has a slideshow of hy markets reviews from customers that highlight multiple pain points for their shoppers. Some pain points addressed include affordability and quality. You can capture your audiences’ experience by highlighting what they say about your brand on social media. With client testimonials, you can prove that you’re the best at what you do and get more people to convert. When someone investigates your products or services, it’s because they have a need and want to fulfill it. They want to make sure what you offer provides the solution they require.