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15 Testimonial Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy

Use color headshots and team photos to show page visitors who your customers really are, and consider incorporating video interviews alongside the text of your barclay reviews. If you’re selling a product online, such as a set of headphones, you can probably ask customers for feedback a week after delivery. If you’re a membership site, you’ll probably want to wait at least a month. Construct a narrative by asking questions that outline the customer journey, their objections, their pain points, and the positive results they experienced.


In fact, according to research by Deloitte, 60 percent of people rate reviews as equally trustworthy as information from friends and family. When we’re not Instagramming our lunch or asking for likes, we’re taking to social media to voice our dreams, fears and occasionally, frustrations with our favorite brands. Asking questions using words/language you want mirrored back in the testimonial. Include key words and phrases your customers use when discussing the product. You can even take testimonials further by building them into robust case studies that tell a story about problems your product solves. Nowadays, every small business and large corporation uses influencers as part of their marketing strategy.

Put testimonials somewhere relevant.

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Make your email content more engaging with personalized suggestions for improvement. Gauge interest and customer satisfaction by gathering feedback. https://forexreviewdaily.com/barclay-stone-reviews/ Track sales and campaign performance in easy-to-digest reports. Sync your store data and connect other tools to unlock more automation features.

  • Remember, video testimonials are one of the most engaging and versatile forms of social proof out there, and Testimonial Hero is the expert at creating video client testimonials.
  • You can even create banner headings or other visual marketing ads on your own website to encourage visitors to see them or click a link to view them.
  • While studies have shown customers definitely trust and even rely upon testimonials, that doesn’t mean they blindly follow faceless claims of success.
  • Get access to tools in your Mailchimp account designed just for freelancers and agencies like you.
  • It’s not enough to have general testimonials—you want solid, convincing testimonials that drive results for your business.
  • Another benefit of audio content is that it can be easily shared and consumed by your customers.

With those tools, you can tell an inspiring customer story just by threading different customer quotes together in one track. Videos are also rapidly shared and have the potential to go viral if the content is compelling enough. Brands like Dollar barclaystone review Shave Club have achieved tremendous success from releasing light-hearted videos that became internet sensations overnight. While you may not strike gold every time, one good piece of content can quickly make all the failed ones worthwhile.

Why are testimonials important?

The case study above focuses on the challenge, the solution, and the result. In addition, quotes from Angie are included in the content to personalize the testimonial and make it more relatable to readers. One of the reasons this testimonial works so well is because of its focus on representation. Glossier serves a diverse client base, and it ensures its prospective customers feel seen by featuring customers of diverse backgrounds. Each testimonial pops up in a lightbox, and you can flip through each one as if it were a magazine. You also have the opportunity to visit each customer’s personal Instagram profile to learn more about them and their beauty routine. You’ll rarely find a negative review, though it’s worth noting that these negative reviews also lend credibility.


With this in mind, companies that utilize customer reviews see a marked increase in conversions. Audio Forex brokers are snippets of audio where a customer recommends your product or service.


Consider where these customers might look for information about you, and how you can present this information in the best way. One or more of the following might be great places to put your . After all, customers share their story of how your product helped them solve a problem.

Step 6: boost your social proof with an abundance of testimonials.

If you sell customer service software, for example, and you interview a customer service rep, consider linking to their LinkedIn profile. A blog post can be an informative way of displaying customer https://forexreviewdaily.com/. You can write about a customer’s story in-depth and break down subtle details within the customer’s journey. It’s similar to the idea of case studies, but this format allows the company to tell the customer’s story from their own perspective.

You can also highlight some of the key features that made your service truly valuable to the client in the post itself. Audio, therefore, is a great and cost-effective way to create a compelling customer testimonial with just a microphone, recording software, and a quiet space.

Product page reviews

I found the keywords it was ranking for, split the page into two topics, and optimized. Now we have a page for joint pain stem cell reviews, and a page for back pain stem cell reviews. The joint one is the highest ranking page on the site, bringing in twice as much traffic as the home page. After reading an article you published on testimonials in the past, I made sure I put them on all relevant pages of my client ThriveMD Vail. Apologies for shameless promo, but I encourage anyone reading this to look the site up so you know what exactly I’m talking about. A combination of personal LinkedIn recommendations and testimonials for our website is exactly what we need. Nice article to know about the testimonials with the examples.

This Botkeeper testimonial is given by the owner of One8 in a video that’s less than 30 seconds long. By keeping it as short as 30 seconds, it’s ideal to use as a YouTube ad or to put up as a post on Twitter or Facebook. All these aspects help create a credible profile of the person giving the recommendation so that it doesn’t look like a fake testimonial. Make sure you select for each different role, industry, and company type. The testimonial is given by the founder of the company, which boosts its credibility. Customer feedback should explain exactly how you helped them and how this impacted the company. By putting https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/11/why-trade-forex.asp above the fold of their new website design, they boosted conversions by 34%.

While the post is scattered with too many product mentions, it takes full advantage of its real estate by allowing the writer to tell us how the company’s products improved her routine. We’re taken on a journey that begins with Jeanine introducing herself and ends with her reservations and successes using the product. The above testimonial is about Martha Chumo, who taught herself to code in https://forexreviewdaily.com/ one summer. This testimonial example works because it allows prospective customers to see themselves in Codeacademy’s current customer base. You’ll find users of all ages and backgrounds using and succeeding with Codeacademy — meaning that the product is for you regardless of your background in the discipline. The brand uses both video and written formats to deliver its message to prospects.