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9 Simple But Powerful Customer Testimonial Examples You Can Steal

Ask customers to record a short testimonial video on their smartphone, discussing what they enjoy most about your brand. Then, showcase them to prospects at critical stages in the buyer’s journey. Most of the time, they come from a very specific slice of your customer base. All of these integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store and can help you quickly start gathering customer reviews and testimonials. It allows readers to learn more about Distil Union as a business and how the company used Shopify to leverage success. BrightLocal found that 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

  • This testimonial is highly effective because of the product carousel at the bottom.
  • REI uses this section of its blog to promote different benefits and uses for its products.
  • This can be achieved by making additional products from the company’s range more attractive to the customer or by motivating the customer to use a product or service more often.
  • To make audio testimonials, you don’t need an entire production crew and tons of expensive equipment.
  • However, you can take positive reviews and turn them into testimonials for your business.
  • The first half of the video is dedicated to depicting the company culture at Kiip.

Video https://forexreviewdaily.com/worldforex-reviews/ are a more dynamic way you can present testimonials. They’re effective at getting prospective customers to feel they’re reading an honest and trustworthy assessment of a product or company that consistently leads to conversions. Another form of social testimonials requires branded hashtags. Fashion Nova encourages customers to share photos of themselves wearing its products with the hashtag #novababe. Instead, build your testimonial page directly into your site’s interface, like the example above.

You’ll learn how to create lifelong fans who hang on your every word — so you never have to break through the noise again. She loves good vibes and connecting with thought-leaders. In this post, you learned about the proven structure of a powerful testimonial, as well as the essential ingredients needed to turn good into great ones.

Popular Features

They’re like miniature stories that give an impression of someone’s transformation—from being stuck to writing with ease. It feels authentic—the writing feels real; there are no hypey words. It feels authentic—the testimonial writer even admits they’d like to do even better. The Work OS, monday.com, is active on social media and continuously engages with its followers. Social media networks are a great place to get new and share existing ones with the world. This testimonial is effective because it quantifies the return on investment that could be indirectly attributed to using Koble.


With a Content Marketing Certification, she’s an expert in crafting pieces filled with the facts about all things digital marketing. You’ll find many of her pieces featured on UpCity’s Top Digital Marketing Articles of the Week. When she isn’t clacking her keys, she’s wondering why her dog is worldforex review so cute. Get inspired by 25 testimonial page examples from companies like Asana and PandaDoc. Check out the examples below to find inspiration for your testimonial page. That’s why we compiled a guide filled with the 25 best testimonial pages from actual companies that we’ve seen online.

examples of impactful testimonials

Many people will surprise themselves with how happy they are to provide feedback, when given the chance. And if the experience was good, it will be positive feedback. In fact, the risk for asking to do an interview/ feedback session is usually that if it’s not structured enough, it will ramble and run long.


What’s more, only around 48% of people will use a business if they have 4 stars or less on an independent peer review site. If you’re going for these more complex forms of storytelling, one of our top tips Forex brokers is to take snippets from the post to share elsewhere on your website and beyond. You can also highlight some of the key features that made your service truly valuable to the client in the post itself.

Examples of Great Testimonials

You could even ask influencers to write a blog post for their own website that reviews your product or services, plus the tips they learned through working with you. This gets your business in front of even more readers and prospective target clients. A customer testimonial is a recommendation from a satisfied buyer that affirms the value of a product or service. Customer world forex review are sometimes paid endorsements, as found with influencer marketing. But more often than not, customer testimonials are given by happy customers, voluntarily, or upon a company’s request. Rather than ask for customer reviews, the company lifted the quote directly from TripAdvisor.

Put testimonials with keyphrases on pages that are optimized for that phrase.

They’re much more powerful when they share something specific. There are times when the generic ones work too, but you would want each testimonial to be super specific if you charge a high price for a product or service. You can also try to get https://www.plus500.com/en-US/Trading/Forex endorsements from people your audience respects . Using video, high-quality photos, detailed product descriptions, any test results, and a clear and easy return process can help, too. This course is incredibly well structured and to the point.

Learn how we increased traffic by over 40%, and conversions by over 100% for an ecommerce client.

When done well, they instantly build trust with potential clients. These social media posts bring an authentic experience to their products while also giving people insight into what they can expect from the packages. Next on our list of client https://forexreviewdaily.com/worldforex-reviews/ examples is Billie. On Billie’s Instagram account, they highlight an email they received from a happy customer. They expect you to say that, so it’s crucial to show that existing customers love your products and services.

I see some sites using one of the many plugins that display https://forexreviewdaily.com/… thoughts? Put testimonials with keyphrases on pages that are optimized for that phrase.

What is a testimonial quote?

A combination of personal LinkedIn recommendations and Forex brokers for our website is exactly what we need. Now we know why they work, where to get them, how to write them and where to put them. Let’s wrap with a mini-guide with all the little things you can add to increase their power and credibility.