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  5. Actual contact within exact same men and women try usual while talking or taking walks arm in arm

Actual contact within exact same men and women try usual while talking or taking walks arm in arm

Actual contact within exact same men and women try usual while talking or taking walks arm in arm

Girls hardly ever tobacco cigarette in public areas. Guys always greet one another because of the shaking give and also by hugging whether they have perhaps not viewed one another for some time. Youngsters of every age group are required to get acquiescent, however, boys’ misbehavior try accepted so much more. Females are encouraged to let their parents, stay calm, and just have a beneficial manners.


The education program out-of Azerbaijan shows their Soviet prior, but is actually reformed in the early 1990s. Analytics to possess 1998–1999 tell you there have been 691,259 youngsters browsing top colleges, step one,020,131 youngsters attending supplementary schools, 29,400 students researching professional and you can teacher studies, and you may 170,678 students searching higher education.

Advanced schooling could have been necessary for Azeris. Having advanced schooling makes each other boys and girls more appealing as prospective wedding lovers. Mothers see high lengths to expend costs to own higher education. Education off advanced schooling through the Baku Condition School together with Azerbaijan Tech College or university.

Of your full people, 98.8 % old 15 as well as is also realize and you can build-for men 99.5 %, and also for female 98.2 per cent.


Significantly less than Soviet laws, the latest urban seller class and you may industrial bourgeoisie shed their wide range. An urban-outlying split is the most extreme societal stratification, even if academic possibilities and you may beliefs off equality of the Soviet months altered this. Russians, Jews, and you will Armenians was in fact metropolitan white-neckband specialists. Studies and you can household members records remain crucial to social standing. Higher government positions introduced governmental electricity and you may wealth inside the Soviet era. As collapse of the Soviet Union, money became the foundation to own respect and you may stamina. Refugees and you will displaced persons having an outlying record are considered the underclass.



Brand new society away from Azerbaijan has been determined by the Turkic peoples, its Persian, Islamic, and you may Main Western community, in addition to Russian influences because of its former status given that an excellent Soviet republic. Today, West influences, in addition to globalized consumer society, is actually strong.


Urban dwellers traditionally stayed in home you to create together ethnic contours. Modern Azerbaijan observed new simple and you may unknown Soviet variety of structures. Baku gets the Maiden Tower and you can a vintage city with slim avenue and a mix of Eu looks one date returning to the beginning of the twentieth century. Soviet-point in time governmental structures is large and you can strong without ornamentation.

During the rural parts, apartment white cash is actually cooked. Kufte bozbash (beef and potatoes in the a slimmer sauce) try common, as it is occupied pepper and you may grape renders and you can soups. Eco-friendly coriander, parsley, dill, and you will springtime onions, was served throughout meals both because the a beneficial garnish so when salad. Borscht soup or any other Russian dishes are included in the food. Dining promote varieties of kebabs and you may, from inside the Baku, tremendously global cooking.

Celebrations is actually instances for eating pulov (cooked rice) with apricots and you may raisins, which have meats, deep-fried chestnuts, and you may onions, plus baklava, an excellent diamond-shaped thinly layered pastry filled up with nuts and you can sugar, and shakarbura, a pie out of thin money full of insane and you may sugar. From inside the Novruz vacation, grain is fried which have raisins and you will insane (gavurga). Pulov and you will kebabs was with liquor and you may sweet low-alcohol are part of weddings. At funerals, a portion of the way is commonly pulov and you may animal meat, presented with shyra, a nice non-alcohol, and followed closely by beverage.

Decorated miniatures was indeed an integral part of Azerbaijan artwork regarding the 19th millennium, because twentieth century are ples regarding Soviet societal realism and you will Azeri folklore. Sattar Bakhulzade decorated landscapes inside the a style like “Van Gogh for the blue.” Togrul Narimanbekov illustrated data out of Azeri people tales into the steeped colors. Rasim Babayev cultivated his own “primitivism” so you’re able to color allegories towards Soviet regimen for the brilliant shade, with no direction, and various characters driven by the someone tales and you will legends.