Have contacted DHL multiple times in the past a nobody bothers to look into lost package claims or get back to you on the matter. I always need to go back to the seller and request a refund because DHL consistently fails to deliver. I don’t https://uss-express.com/reviews/customers/ know how they managed to completely screw it up so consistently. Tracking the package has not gone well at all. Now I will have to wait another 24 hours to get a response from PM. So, this order, my experience with PM has not been good.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

I met a guy from Tagged.com named Chris Benard from new York. Promised me the moon and heaven, to marry me, to give me a good life. Just like with thier old dirty ticks and strategy they use the same to all thier victims. Postal Service has posted an alert about phony delivery texts. The alert cites “unsolicited mobile text messages indicating that a USPS delivery is awaiting your action” and includes a non-postal service web link to click. Your thoughts, ideas, and concerns are welcome, and we encourage comments.

Amazing experience!

Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. Yes, click the red x at the top https://addicongroup.com/ left of the site website and go to another shipping website. I sent a parcel from the US to Germany and declared it as GIFT.

  • No delivery job is too dangerous, and no one is faster than a Cloudpunk driver.
  • Ask to get answers from the DHL staff and other customers.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Yesterday, he called to say that he had already sent USD200, 00 for me to buy a house with some other gifts for me e.g. jewelries, perfumes, hand bags & Blackberry Torch phone for me.
  • They did consolidation free of charge although I am a free account.

Sending a parcel with a national postal service? As international shipping experts, we deliver the best-in-class universal tracking and shipping options and our comprehensive IOSS solutions mirror our commitment to optimizing our clients experience. Reach out to the official website or customer support of the delivery company directly for help if you think there are issues with your package. This article aims to inform readers about theIps delivery scamand other relevant information to help them avoid online fraud. Ha ha ha i have the same very bad experience.

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He also is the courier company emailing the same time as he’s whats apping. Fun with telemarketers and telephone scammers. Answer the call and pretend you are a homicide detective investigating the death of the person they think they are calling. Demand their name and company address, pretend to talk to another detective and have them contact the police in the caller’s area to “Detain them for questioning” my express feedback as a suspect in your alleged homicide. Lot’s of fun, or keep putting them on hold while you go to the bathroom, answer the door, smoke a cigarette, then come back pretend to be interested, and make them wait again. Another favorite, pretend you don’t understand English….Make up your own language, Chinese “I Tie You Shoe”….say it fast. Spanish….spell out the word SOCKS fast…S O C K S?

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

You don’t want to be giving your money to someone who can’t legally help you ship goods internationally. We did fear losing access to Airborne’s tracking system, which had carried us for more than 10 years. So I made building our own system the leading priority for the company. By 2000 we had recruited a good IT team that was busy creating the system internally and with outside vendors.