South-Asian guys dating Ebony girls; your views?

The name is pretty self explanatory.

The key reason why I asked is with a South Asian guy, so I suppose I unconsciously dismissed them because I am a 16 year old black female Londoner, and was certain I didn’t discriminate when it came to ethnicity and dating, but I never really saw myself. This is certainly was all I absolutely fell head over heels for before I had work experience in the hospital for three days, and met this AMAZING Indian doctor who. He had been so charismatic, bright, considering, caring, smart; the list continues on. And a lot of notably, he had been an amazing medical practitioner. And abruptly, more Asian dudes are getting more popular with me, *surprisingly*.

So, put another way; if you’re a South-Asian man, could you consider dating a black colored girl? If you should be perhaps perhaps not, maybe you have ever witness such couples?

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why is that every this forum is filled with is ‘would you date a girl/guy that is black or even the exact same however with ‘white’!

individuals like different things, some will date people that are black some simply dont think it is as appealing as white individuals!

She actually is asking about S.Asian males, perhaps perhaps not white individuals .

individuals like various things, some will date black colored individuals, some simply dont believe it is as attractive as white individuals!

Nobody in this thread is interested in just what people that are white. Mind your own personal company.

We know South Asian guys whom like Ebony girls

Every other viewpoints?

Thing may be the grouped family problem. South families that are asian really strict on dating, therefore frequently it is rare to locate south-asians dating outside of their ethnicity, but there are some i have seen!

Where did the OP state anything about Muslim, aside from such a thing about faith?

(Original post by MichieMelodi) The name is pretty self explanatory.

The key reason why I inquired is because I am a 16 yr old black colored feminine Londoner, and had been specific i did not discriminate whenever it stumbled on ethnicity and dating, but we hardly ever really saw myself having a South Asian man, therefore I suppose I unconsciously dismissed them. That is ended up being all before I experienced work expertise in a healthcare facility for 3 days, and met this AMAZING Indian physician whom I definitely dropped mind over heels for. He had been therefore charismatic, bright, considering, caring, intelligent; the list continues on. & Most notably, he had been a great medical practitioner. And instantly, increasingly more Asian dudes are becoming more popular with me, *surprisingly*.

Therefore, easily put; you consider dating best polyamorous dating apps a black girl if you are a South-Asian guy, would? If you should be perhaps maybe not, perhaps you have ever witness such couples?

C’mon bebbeh, let us have it on

No but seriously, I’d date a black woman, certain like most other woman, I would want to find her attractive but there is a good amount of black colored girls attractive therefore I see no explanation why i mightn’t. There was clearly that one possibility at University and she was into me personally too, but I experienced a gf during the time.

(Original post by jumpingjesusholycow) C’mon bebbeh, let us obtain it on

No but really, I would date a black colored girl, certain like most other woman, we’d need certainly to find her attractive but i have found lots of black girls attractive thus I see no reason at all why i mightn’t. There is that one possibility at University and she had been I had a girlfriend at the time into me too, but.


You stated: “we did not discriminate whenever it stumbled on ethnicity and dating, but we never truly saw myself having a South Asian guy, I unconsciously dismissed them. thus I suppose” “And instantly, increasingly more guys that are asian getting more attractive to me”. YOU JUST BECAME OPEN MINDED in a segregated culture considering race/culture and skin colour that limitations peoples choices for a partner that is potential. Perhaps maybe Not people that are many to this phase and generally are still fixed on his/her race in a MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY.

I am a brown male that is skinned Birmingham UK and I also do look partly south asian and my epidermis color is brown. My features that are facial dissimilar to people of my race/s. I am seen erroneously as looking blended raced or other events. Ive been called: mixed competition, Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Brazilian, Jamaican Indian and Mexican/Latino.

We reckon Most/majority girls do have preference that is racial dating and choose their very own race/colour and/or specific races. Most black colored girls don’t like other events generally speaking and also a idea of Ebony love designed for black colored males. The reason being nearly all women like males that are darker than on their own and so black colored females is only going to consort to men that are black. Yet for mixed raced black colored girls they mainly like full black men and not brown men/south asian men despite them being brown.

Yet for me It gets strange because blended raced girls & black girls stare at me personally (perhaps because i acquired big lips they think i am role African) after which understand we’m maybe not Ebony and quickly avert their gaze. Many “Asian/Pakistani” girls appear to be like white girls plus don’t stimulate me yet appear many curious of my battle because my color is brown.

I cant say for many British south asian men nevertheless the basic image regarding the British South man that is asian the news being stereotyped as a terrorist, rapist and dominating of women has damaged their stance into the relationship game. The manipulating news has degraded these British south asian men to amounts whereby the British ladies of all of the events worry those “BROWN” guys. Additionally some south asian males have already been brainwashed because of the media and their particular mothers to want fair/white epidermis. Some Uk S/A men are NOT open minded to interracial relationships but still hold mommy and daddys desires for the home woman that is back. Yet some Uk brown males (myself included) are men in a melting cooking pot of events and so ride the rainbow of tints around the globe with pleasure. Trust in me other guys do not know very well what it is like to own EVERY girl they see of every race/colour to be always a potential romantic partner since they’ve been little minded and rely on “their race” bull.

To respond to your concern it differs for each individual as most are up because of it yet others aren’t. It might also rely on what sort of colour the black colored girl and/or if this woman is brown similar to that of a south asian man than she will get more attention from south asian men than a full black girl (This is just a generalization) if she is mixed race, for instance.

Right now in Multicultural Britain everyone is mixing or will soon be mixed in the foreseeable future. You all can mix like Brazilians because im already there.